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T-Mobile Penny SIM Sale Returns Again!


Breaking with their normal monthly trend, T-Mobile has restarted their prepaid penny SIM sale back for the second time this month. The last deal ended Sept. 10 and two weeks later, they’ve relaunched it again. This newest deal ends September 30, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it back again next month if you miss out.

You can get up to five SIMs for one penny each (normally around $10 each) with a maximum of 3 SIMs per order and 5 SIMs over a period of 30 days. Unfortunately, that means that if you went all-out two weeks ago and bought 5 SIMs, you will be ineligible to purchase more SIMs during this deal.

To get the penny deal on your new T-Mobile prepaid SIMs, follow this link and be sure to use the code SIMDEAL when checking out. You can purchase a prepaid SIM activation kit, which will include a SIM and an activation code to use inside any phone. The kits are available in both mini and macro sizes. Mobile broadband SIMs meant for prepaid tablets or hotspots are also on sale in mini, micro and nano sizes. Mobile broadband prepaid SIMs will let you activate a supported tablet on any T-Mobile Mobile Internet plan including the 200 MB/month free plan.

T-Mobile has several options for their prepaid customers and some cool perks like unlimited music streaming with Music Freedom on select plans. To check out the list of options for prepaid customers, click here.