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T-Mobile CEO Denies Merger Rumors

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T-Mobile’s flashy and outspoken CEO, John Legere, dismissed all the rumors that T-Mobile was undergoing talks with Iliad about a possible merger or acquisition last week, calling them ‘craziness.’ According to a FierceWireless article, Legere said that T-Mobile was doing excellent has no intentions or interest in a merger at this time.

We didn’t really report about it much here on Prepaid Reviews, but there were plenty of rumors of Iliad putting in multiple bids for T-Mobile and rumors that T-Mobile owner company Deutsche Telekom¬†was likely to accept such an offer if it was good enough. However, apparently the offer wasn’t good enough as the deadline has passed.

Legere noted during the conference that traditionally mergers take place between a wealthy company and a company that is either failing or needs more scope. T-Mobile, Legere said, is not failing and actually increased their subscriber base by 7.6 million in the last five quarters. He did some fast-talking around needing a bit more scope, and even admitted that a merger with Sprint would have given the pink superstar some more scope.

“The trick, though, is that it’s a scale industry,” Legere said. “And I was always clear: yeah, if you had thought about putting Sprint and T-Mobile together, you’d have immediate scale. It would be something good. You know, as long as you called it T-Mobile and I ran it, it would be successful.”

In the same conference, Legere also claimed that the claims that the iPhone 6 Plus bent after consumers sat down with the phones in a back pocket were ‘such horses–t” and that people were being dumb for putting phones in their backpockets, using several more profane words to tell everyone what he really thought. While I can’t help but be annoyed by¬†Legere’s brash and rude commentary, I do sort of agree with that last.