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Best T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

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Every mobile carrier and MVNO promises that they are the best choice with the best service and all of the best plans that you could ever want. In fact, they’re all so busy shouting over each other, it can be hard to discern which company REALLY has the best offering. And what’s where we come in.

Because there are so many permutations of prepaid plans, we decided to take a look at the thirty-day unlimited talk and text plans that utilize T-Mobile’s network. We’ve compared plans by price and the amount of high speed/low speed data that you can get at that price point. Here’s a list of the companies we included in our comparison:

But, first, let’s look at the best that the T-Mobile prepaid network has to offer:

Best Plans

Best Low Price Plan: $25┬áplan from GIV Mobile is, of the above listed companies, the best offering. This plan features unlimited talk, text, international text, $2.50 in international credit and unlimited lower speed data. But, unlike the pTel plan of the same price and features, the GIV Mobile plan donates 8% of your monthly bill to charity. You can’t beat that!

Best Overall Plan: $35 plan from GoSmart includes unlimited talk, text, international text and a whopping 2.5 GB of data, compared to $40 for 2 GB of data at several other companies. Most companies also lack the unlimited international text as well.

Cheapest Data: $40 plan from GoSmart is my choice for the best overall plan as far as price goes. Looking at the chart, you’ll see that while there are cheaper plans, if you’re a moderate data user, this plan is definitely a great option. For $40, you can get 5 GB of high speed data and unlimited lower speed data. Of course, I haven’t dealt with their customer service, so you’ll want to take that into consideration as well.


Not feeling my suggestions above? Here are all of the plans, organized by price and the amount of high-speed data they offer for an easy comparison depending on how much you want to spend, and how much data you need. As a reminder, all of these plans include unlimited talk and text and some of them also include unlimited international text.

Price Company 4 G Data Low Speed Data
$19 Ultra Mobile 100 MB none
$20 GIV 150 MB none
$20 pTel 150 MB none
$25 GIV none Unlimited
$25 GoSmart none Unlimited
$25 pTel none Unlimited
$25 Speedtalk none Unlimited
$25 SimpleMobile none Unlimited
$29 Ultra Mobile 1 GB none
$29 Solavei 100 MB Unlimited
$29 Telcel USA 100 MB none
$30 Brightspot none none
$35 GoSmart 2.5 GB Unlimited
$35 Speedtalk 1 GB Unlimited
$35 GIV 500 MB Unlimited
$35 pTel 500 MB Unlimited
$39 Solavei 1 GB Unlimited
$39 Ultra Mobile 750 MB Unlimited
$40 GoSmart 5 GB Unlimited
$40 MetroPCS 2 GB Unlimited
$40 SimpleMobile 2 GB Unlimited
$40 T-Mobile 1 GB Unlimited
$40 Telcel USA 500 MB Unlimited
$45 GIV 2 GB Unlimited
$45 Speedtalk 2 GB Unlimited
$45 Brightspot 1 GB Unlimited
$49 Solavei 3 GB Unlimited
$49 Ultra Mobile 1 GB Unlimited
$50 MetroPCS 4 GB Unlimited
$50 SimpleMobile 4 GB Unlimited
$50 T-Mobile 3 GB Unlimited
$50 pTel 2 GB Unlimited
$50 Telcel USA 1 GB Unlimited
$55 Brightspot 3 GB Unlimited
$55 Speedtalk 3 GB Unlimited
$59 Ultra Mobile 2.5 GB Unlimited
$60 MetroPCS Unlimited Unlimited
$60 SimpleMobile 10 GB Unlimited
$60 T-Mobile 5 GB Unlimited
$60 Telcel USA 2 GB Unlimited
$65 GIV 4 GB Unlimited
$65 pTel 4 GB Unlimited
$70 Speedtalk Unlimited Unlimited

It should be noted that prepaid plans tend to change pretty quick, but as of 2/18/2015, these were the plans that could be found on the service pages of the respective companies.