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Which Straight Talk Phones Use Verizon & Verizon Towers

When it comes to Straight Talk Phone plans, the ability to be free from a a long-term contract is especially appealing. But in doing so, one wants to make sure they are able to use their favorite phones, as well as get sufficient coverage with their Straight Talk plans.

There are a number of different Straight Talk plans that use Verizon Wireless and the phone towers that come with such things. So whether you want to have unlimited data and minutes on your iPhone, or your LG Optimus, there are options with Straight Talk phones that use Verizon.

One of the most well known smart phones on today’s market is the iPhone. You’re in luck if you want to have a Straight Talk plan through Verizon and want to use all the wonderful capabilities of the iPhone.

No matter what model, the Apple iPhone is available through Straight Talk. If the iPhone doesn’t quite impress your fancy, then try a Samsung Galaxy or a Samsung Platinum Illusion. Both of these smartphones are available through Straight Talk, and use Verizon towers.

Any phone that refuses to work properly will cause headaches, and you want options in picking out a phone. Thankfully, if you are looking for a Straight Talk plan that uses Verizon coverage, there are a few more options for you than the ones listed above. A long list of such plans that use the Verizon towers are as follows:

-LG 100 C
-LG 220 C
-LG 231 C
-LG 221 C
-LG 290 C
-LG 511 C
-Motorola 385 C
-Samsung 335 C
-Samsung 355 C
-Samsung 451 C
-Samsung 380 C-
-Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C- Android
-Huawei Ascend Y H866C- Android
-Samsung Galaxy Showcase- Android
-Unimax U670C- Android
-LG Optimus ZIP- Android
-LG L38 C- Android

As you can see, whether you desire a smart phone or one of a more basic functioning level, you’ll have options in choosing which Straight Talk plan through Verizon is right for you.