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What Network Does Straight Talk Use?

What network does Straight Talk use?

Straight Talk is a cellular re-seller and as such, they don’t have their own network towers. Rather, they use Verizon and AT&T’s towers to provide service to their clients. Because Verizon uses CDMA technology and AT&T uses GSM, Straight Talk is able to provide services locally and internationally. Straight talk offers prepaid cellular service to their clients which they can by in Walmart stores or via the internet.

CDMA technology and GSM technology differs in certain technological aspects, but one major difference is in it’s availability. While GSM technology is typically found all over the world, CDMA is more limited internationally and isn’t always available in other countries. CDMA is found predominantly in the US and North America. The two technologies also differ in data speed, location and hardware.

Since Straight Talk offers both types of technologies with their phones, clients can choose the one that is right for them. If you need to have a phone that will work overseas, it is probably a good idea to choose a phone that uses the GSM technology. If coverage isn’t a big deal to you, then you can chose a CDMA phone.

So, it’s important to consider where you are going to mainly be using the phone before you decide which phone to purchase. Since Straight Talk has both types of phones, you can just choose the phone that utilizes the technology that is found in the coverage area that you will use the phone the most.

Technically speaking, Straight Talk doesn’t have their own network, but they can and do make use of the networks of two major phone companies, Verizon and AT&T. Straight Talk users can expect to have the same level of coverage that these large companies provide. But it is important to choose the technology that fits your needs.