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Straight Talk starting Verizon BYOD program tomorrow

It appears that Straight Talk is set to launch another big initiative. According to, the carrier tomorrow will launch a bring-your-own device program for Verizon-branded devices. This just adds to their BYOD program for AT&T and T-Mobile phones. There are certain limitations, which we’ll cover after the jump. But as notes, this puts Straight Talk in heated competition with Page Plus, which also offers a BYOD program for Verizon phones.

As you might expect, the BYOD devices are limited to 3G smartphones, from the following list:

HTC Eris
HTC Incredible
HTC Incredible 2
HTC Rhyme
HTC Merge
HTC Trophy (Windows Phone 7.x)
LG Vortex
LG Enlighten (slide out hardware keyboard-update of the Ally)
LG Ally (slide out hardware keyboard)
Palm Pixi Plus
Palm Pre Plus
Palm Pre 2
Motorola Droid (commonly referred to as the Droid 1) The Droid 1,2, & 3 have slide out keyboards
Motorola Droid 2
Motorola Droid 3
Motorola Droid X (predecessor to X2, slightly lower specs)
Motorola Droid X2
Motorola Droid Pro (portrait keyboard)
Samsung Continuum
Samsung Fascinate
Any/all Windows Mobile phones like HTC Ozone, Samsung Omnia series, Palm Treo Pro

Additionally, you’ll have to get the $45 unlimited plan, though that is true for all smartphones at this point. You’ll notice the lack of iPhone in that list, but that’s because Straight Talk offers the iPhone directly.

Again, the promotion will start tomorrow, March 26th.