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Straight Talk offering Galaxy S Showcase in some stores

It appears that Straight Talk has started offering the Samsung Galaxy S Showcase in some Walmart retail stores. It might be a new name, but the Galaxy Showcase is actually the original Galaxy S, meaning it is a two-year-old handset. It has a 4-inch screen and a 1GHz processor, which is fine and good, but it runs Android 2.3, which certainly downgrades the experience. That wouldn’t be such a bad package if the price were right, but at $250 it seems quite a bit overpriced. Then again, Straight Talk doesn’t offer any Android 4.0 devices, and they sell the Galaxy S II for $100 more. Again, this doesn’t appear to be available on the website yet. It’s at some Walmart outlets. It runs on the Verizon network.

Via Howard Forums.