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Straight Talk now selling iPhone 4 and 5 through Walmart

The biggest news in prepaid lately: Straight Talk will start selling the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 through Walmart. The phone itself will cost you plenty, $649.99 for a 16GB iPhone 5 and $449.99 for an 8GB iPhone 4. Still, the world’s most popular smartphone line gets paired with Straight Talk’s $45 monthly unlimited plan, so there will be plenty of folks interested in the offer. In a two-year span, the Straight Talk iPhone 5 will cost a customer $1730, while a 450-minute plan from AT&T will cost $2,360, or $3,080 with unlimited minutes. There are certain limitations with Straight Talk’s service, but for casual iPhone users this could get the job done. The iPhones 4 and 5 will go on sale at Walmart this Friday, January 11.

Via Phone Scoop.