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Straight Talk International Rates

Walmart’s Smart Talk prepaid cell phone plans are a great solution for cell phone users with limited budgets and specific usage needs that don’t fit well with typical plans. These plans have long offered several options for different types of phones and different levels of usage. Straight Talk has now added some incredible prepaid options for international calling, ideal for those travelling for business or pleasure and for those with relatives or friends who live in another country. Straight Talk’s prepaid international options – like most of their plans – are available in both unlimited usage and specific level of usage options.

Unlimited Nationwide + International Plan
For $60 per month, Straight Talk offers users unlimited talk, text, and data for both national and international use. It is important to check the desired international location, since the plan won’t work for absolutely every location around the globe. There are, however, over 1,000 destinations worldwide included in the plan. These include many of the common destinations, including Canada, Mexico, China, India, and numerous European locations.

$10 Global International Card
For those whose international needs are more short-term, Straight Talk has a great prepaid card option available for when it is necessary to make calls from the United States to somewhere international. Each international location has a different set per-minute rate, ranging from one cent to just over one dollar. The prepaid card will allow the user to use as many minutes as their call destination’s rate allows. When the balance is gone, it is easy to add another card.

If someone wants to stay in touch with a loved one travelling abroad, the $10 card is a great option. This would also be a good option for someone with a loved one living abroad, especially if their location has a cheap rate. On the other hand, for someone who wants to not only call their loved one but also plans to frequently visit, the Unlimited Plan would be a better fit. This also might be a better fit when a loved one or business contact lives in a destination with one of the higher per-minute rates. Both Straight Talk’s Unlimited International Plan and their $10 International Card are great prepaid options making global communication easier and more affordable.