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Straight Talk Config Settings

When it comes to saving money on your wireless device, chances are you have been looking for methods to trim away at your already large and unsightly phone bill, but when looking at the other major carriers, there simply is not another way to do this.

Thankfully, through the help of Straight Talk Wireless, it is possible to do exactly this. You are even allowed to bring your current mobile phone with you, although you need to make sure and configure the phone to the proper settings in order to set the phone up.

As Straight Talk does not have many direct representatives in stores to help walk you through the process (it is usually just a service you purchase at your local Wal-Mart), you have to perform the process yourself. Thankfully, it is rather straight forward and doesn’t take too much to do in order to complete the process all together.

For startes, when you purchase your service through Straight Talk, you are going to receive a SIM card. This SIM Card is going to have your new mobile information on it. Power down your phone and locate the current SIM card.

The exact location is going to vary, depending on the mobile phone you have. For most Android based phones it is located behind the battery. To access the battery, remove the cover on the rear of the phone, pull out the battery, then slip out the small SIM card and slide in the new card. For phones such as the Apple iPhone, there is no battery to remove as everything is closed inside the case.

To access the SIM card you need to look around the rim of the phone. You’ll find a small pin-hole along the side. Insert a thin paperclip into the hole and pull up to remove the SIM card slot. Remove the current SIM card and insert your new card, then slide it back into the phone.

With the SIM card in your phone you now need to power it on. Select the “Settings” option on the Android phone, then choose “Wireless and Networks,” “Mobile Networks” and choose the Straight Talk” option to configure your phone.

With the Apple phone, choose the “Settings” icon also, then choose the “Wireless” option and select the Straight Talk option. Depending on the devices you might need to reboot your phone, but once complete you are ready to use it.