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Straight Talk clears the air on data limits

When Net10 instituted a 1.5GB data cap on AT&T SIM cards, it felt like the beginning of a wider-spreading policy. While Tracfone brands Net10 and Straight Talk advertise unlimited data, that isn’t actually the case. As we’ve learned, Straight Talk has no set data cap, but will absolutely throttle your data speeds if you exceed their acceptable usage trends. If this all sounds confusing, Straight Talk sympathizes. They recently wrote a blog post that clarifies their position on data usage.

They specifically note: “We are NOT cutting off data at 1.5GB on Straight Talk.” (Emphasis theirs.) They go on to say, “most of our customers enjoy their unlimited data plans with no issues or complaints regarding their data speeds or service.”

That might sound like a fib if you read our Straight Talk user reviews. But remember, the people who post reviews there not only represent a minority of users, but they also represent a specifically motivated group. Those who feel wronged are more likely to leave reviews than people who have received acceptable service. Straight Talk serves millions of customers, and it’s conceivable that at least 51 percent of them have service with little complaint.

In any case, Straight Talk urges customers with further questions to check the terms and conditions, specifically sections seven and eight.