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Options For Verizon Straight Talk Phones

When you decide to purchase a Verizon Straight Talk phone, you are no longer going to have to deal with length contracts that keep you roped in for a number of years with severe penalties for breaking the contract. Now you can pay as you go and use your phone just like you would any other mobile device. In addition to getting a much cheaper monthly plan, you get to share all the options that many contracted users enjoy. Here are just a few of the options you can enjoy with your Verizon Straight Talk phone.

The most obvious options that you can to enjoy with your new Verizon Straight Talk phone is that you will no longer be subjected to lengthy contracts, monthly bills, or any activation fees. There are no credit checks when you purchase the phone and there are no age requirements either. Without any of those restrictions you can enjoy your new phone as soon as you get it home and activate it.

One option you will definitely enjoy is the ability to use one of the nations top coverage plans. You will be on the sane nation coverage as the users who are stuck with length service contracts. You will never have to worry about any roaming charges because your phone will get a signal all over the country.

Your new Verizon Straight Talk phone will allow you to make international calls. This service is not offered in many pay as you go phones, but with your phone you have the ability to make those calls if needed. You can also access the website and purchase additional ringtones that you can download to your phone instantly.

You can easily purchase additional minutes at any Walmart store. The store has a large variety of service plans that are perfect for all your phone needs. There are plans available that make it even easier for you to keep your phone active. The auto plans will automatically top up your phone at the end of each month if you like, saving you trips to the store to refill your card.

Your phone comes with all the features you would expect in a mobile device. In addition to making calls, texting, and accessing the internet, your phone options include voice mail, called ID, call waiting, and BlueTooth capabilities. Your new Verizon Straight Talk phone is the perfect fit for the person who does not want to be locked into contracts any longer.