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Embracing Digital Age with Straight Talk Network Options

With the continuous need for technological innovations these days, everything seems to go wireless. This results to the efforts of manufacturers in the communications industry in developing services and platforms appealing to customers. Thus, the pay-as-you-go wireless communication service Straight Talk emerges to attract end-users with its exceptionally easy-to-manage features.

With Straight Talk Network, switching current cellphone numbers from the other service providers is made easy. This prepaid cellphone plan offers unlimited and limited text and talk options. It uses AT&T and Verizon networks for extensive coverage. Cellphone users will be given access to coverage offered by the cellphone plans of Verizon at lower rates, but still dependent on the purchased phone.

Customers are not required to have credit checks, activation fees or contracts or to be of specific age before they can avail the plan. They have minimal commitment with the service provider because the plan is offered in increments for as low as 30 days allowing them to automatically refill their account after every 30 days or they can get extra minutes.

Once a plan is signed, customers are afforded Straight Talk Network Options of porting or switching their phone number right from another cell provider to Straight Talk telephone by attaching it to an active account. These options include GSM and CDMA standard phones, each of which has different coverage area. GSM standard phones are using the network of AT&T and its Straight Talk roaming comes from T-Mobile.

These cellphones use SIM card that are transferable from one phone to another and use international and European standard. On the other hand, Straight Talk-purchased CDMA phones use Verizon networks. Their information is directly programmed into the phone. They are widely used in Asia and North America. Both options vary in terms of prices and be in line with the plans. Customers may select a new telephone number upon signing up.

It is recommended that an existing phone should be unlocked or flashed so it will be switched to the Straight Talk network. Obtaining an International Mobility Equipment Identification number on the phone is imperative to unlock the pone. It is up to the customer’s own preference as to which brand of phone to use for the Straight Talk Network Options.