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Sprint opening BYOD to all MVNOs

One recent trend in prepaid invoves bringing your own device to a new carrier, termed BYOD. This is a boon for consumers, who don’t have to purchase a new phone when they switch carriers. It can be a bit complicated, given the divided network technologies in the US, combined with the practice of locking phones. But MVNOs have an advantage, in that they work off the networks of postpaid carriers — so they can therefore activate phones from that carrier with little hassle. That is, if they have permission from the carrier. Sprint has just granted that permission, and it could prove to be a win for consumers looking to switch to prepaid after fulfilling a postpaid contract.

The condition, of course, is that the device has to be Sprint compatible. But Sprint customers, current and former, who have old devices lying around can go and activate them on a Sprint MVNO starting today. They can also go and purchase an old Sprint-locked device in a marketplace such as eBay and gain the same benefit.

The prospect of buying an old device on eBay is especially interesting. Most of the phones sold on eBay are unlocked, and therefore cost quite a bit more than you’d expect from a locked phone. But older, carrier-locked models can be a bit cheaper for buyers. It helps sellers get even a small amount of moeny for unused devices, and it gives value-seeking customers a way to get a cheap phone for potentially valuable cell phone service.

Again, the service starts today. The MVNO, of course, will have to approve all device activations.

Via Phone Scoop.