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Verizon MVNOs Rumored to Get LTE

While nothing has been officially announced, Android Headlines has posted a rumor that Verizon might be expanding their LTE network to some of their MVNOs in the future. Currently, MVNOs on the Verizon network are limited to 3G and the coverage isn’t quite as fast or reliable as what Verizon postpaid customers enjoy. But, with two other smaller carriers expanding their LTE network to MVNOs, Verizon might not have much of a choice.

MVNOs rumored to be getting the upgrade from their CDMA 3G network are TracFone, Selectel Wireless and Page Plus Cellular. Android Headlines supposed that it might be coming later this year, but I wouldn’t expect anything until the beginning of next year. Of course, we know it’s coming eventually. Verizon has announced that they intend to move to only selling LTE enabled handsets by early 2016 after they launch VoLTE and start the CDMA network refarming process. And that means that anyone using their network has to have LTE capability as well. It’s all a matter of when.

Competition in the wireless market is more fierce than ever, though, and the race can only benefit the consumer as prices dive down and services increase. When I hear actual confirmation (one way or the other) on this rumor, I’ll be sure to let you know!