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T-Mobile Adds New $45 Prepaid Plan

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With very little fanfare, T-mobile launched two new plans for their prepaid customers today, one priced at $45 and the other priced at $80. The $45 plan is an upgrade of a previous version, while the $80 adds unlimited nationwide data and a hotspot.

Labeled the “Simple Starter Plan” the $45 monthly plan is a variation of one of their postpaid contracts with very similar services. The plan features unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of high speed data. However, unlike the postpaid versions, the data on this plans is not unlimited and once you reach 2 GB, your data is turned off for the rest of the month. This plan is a slight upgrade from T-Mobile’s $40 plan which featured unlimited talk and text and only 500 MB of data. That plan is still available for interested consumers, but the extra $5 might be worth it if you use enough data.

The new $80 plan, however, offers unlimited talk, text and data for prepaid customers as well as 5 GB high speed mobile hotspot as well. This plan, unlike the $45 plan, includes Music Freedom for unlimited music streaming–not that you have a data limit to start with, but who’s counting?