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Prepaid Text Only Plans

Nowadays the text messaging is becoming a more convenient way to reach friends, family and co-workers. Parents who need to reach their children and quick work updates can save families and companies a great deal of money eliminating the voice option.

Additionally, people hard of hearing or deaf now have an efficient way to communicate. Because of all the advantages of text messaging, cell phone carriers have started to offer text only plans.

If you are an AT&T customer, you have the option of either a $40 or $50/month plan (text accessibility plan) depending on the model of your phone. These plans are only available to the hearing impaired or the deaf.

It offers email, SMS messaging, visual voicemail and internet access with voice calls available for .40 per minute. A business office version is available for $65/month.

Sprint customers can spend $29.99 for the Relay Data Plan that offers unlimited instant messaging, SMS messaging, internet and email.

With this plan, incoming voice calls are unavailable (but this can be changed) and outgoing cost .20 cents per minute. Currently, it is also only available to the hearing impaired and the deaf.

According to T-Mobile, their least expensive plan is only $70/month and offers unlimited data and text with 500 minutes. If a customer would like to have text only, all they need to do is call and have the voice minutes removed.

The plan would then go to $60/month. Through Wal-Mart, T-Mobile offers a smart phone plan for $30/month that offers customers unlimited text messaging, web access, and 100 voice minutes.

The text only plan for Verizon Wireless offers users unlimited picture & video messaging, domestic text, and internet access for $34.99.

Voice calls on this plan are .40 cents per minute. Customers who have a smartphone, Blackberry or PDA can get the plan for $54.99 with voice calls being only .25 cents per minute.

US Celluar offers users a standard text only plan that does not need a commitment.

For only $30/month you can get the text only plan and for $60/month you can get the data and text plan. It is offered to hearing impaired and deaf customers.

Less commonly known, Ting offers customers the ability to create text only plans based on their unique needs. Users are only billed for usage.

If a customer users less than expected, they receive a credit and if they use more, they are billed for the difference.