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Personalize With Virgin Mobile Custom


On Thursday, Virgin Mobile USA introduced Virgin Mobile Custom, their no-annual-contract deal with completely customizable and tailored rate plans and parental controls. When you purchase a Custom phone, you can activate the device for $6.98 per line per month (up to five lines) on the Base plan, which comes with a puny 20 texts and 20 voice minutes. From there, you can choose to have unlimited talk ($18), text ($10) or both ($35) as well as various ‘add-ons’ that provide unlimited access to Facebook, Pandora, etc. They have plans that allow for 30 minutes of international calling to specific countries as well. Specific prices for those add-ons aren’t listed at the present.

The plans can be adjusted at any time during the day or month directly from your phone. Pricing for the month will be adjusted accordingly, so you can see how the pro-rated bill will change, giving you complete control over your cell phone bill.

Virgin Mobile Custom will be available exclusively to Walmart customers at select stores beginning Saturday, Aug. 9 and will be available for three devices: The ZTE Emblem, the LG Pulse or the LG Unify.