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Cheapest Prepaid Smartphone Plans

Smartphones are a great investment as few will deny. The costs associated with smartphones can even be circumvented through selecting prepaid services. Not all of the various prepaid smartphones are low in cost. A few of them, thankfully, are. Here is a look at some of the more affordable ones available to buyers.

Republic Wireless just might be the cheapest of all the plans as it costs only $19 a month for the smartphone with a surprising level of service. Basically, subscribers can get unlimited talk, text, and data for that $19. No additional fees apply.

Virgin Mobile can be purchased for $35 a month and, unlike the Wi-Fi based Republic Wireless, your calls will be connected to a cell tower. Granted, you minutes may be limited but the call reliability level increases.

The same can be said of the $45 a month Walmart Straight Talk, the number one selling prepaid phone plan in the land. Unlimited talk, texting, and minutes are at the core of this phone plan.

The major telecommunications companies also offer great deals on prepaid services. With T-Mobile, it may be possible to acquire a very generous plan for only $30 a month. With this plan, subscribers can get about 5GB of 4G data along with unlimited texts and 100 minutes of talk time.

Verizon offers a number of solid pay-as-you-go plans. The lowest costs $60 per month and this affords you 500MBs worth of data. Not the cheapest of deals, but solace can be taken in the fact you would be garnering a subscription from a major service. As such, the subscription automatically opens the door to great customer service. Solid customer service is always a must have with any smartphone plan.

Likely, more cheap phone plans are going to emerge in the future. The expanded service options and lower prices certainly are going to be born of competition in the market. After all, competition does drive competitiveness and nothing is more competitive than a great price.