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PlatinumTel offers free minutes through Facebook

One of the most popular prepaid services of the past few years was SugarMama from Virgin Mobile. In exchange for viewing advertisements and completing surveys, users could earn a certain number of free minutes per month. That program ended last year, though, much to the chagrin of Virgin users everywhere. That might be gone for good, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other programs out there. PlatinumTel has recently started one, in conjunction with Embee Mobile. It integrates with Facebook, adding another level of interactivity.

Dubbed PlatinumTel Mobile Wallet, users can obtain Embee Mobile Minutes by completing surveys and other offers. Those minutes can then be exchanged for minutes on PlatinumTel mobile plans. In other words, it works much like SugarMama, with the added aspect of the Facebook integration.

PlatinumTel subscribers can check out the Embee Mobile Facebook app here.