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You can get the iPhone on Page Plus…

Update: PhoneNews has an update from Page Plus, which basically says no, they’re not supposed to activate the iPhone at all. If you do get an iPhone activated, then “it could be subject to deactivation at any point in time in the future if the ‘powers that be’ determine to do that.” That is, you might be able to get one up and running with the right Page Plus dealer, but you might see a sudden stoppage in service. Sigh. Not that this is a surprise.
…with a potentially expensive catch. Yesterday reported that indeed you could activate a Verizon Wireless iPhone on Page Plus. This is nice, since the price point on the iPhone 4 recently came down. Today, however, they’re reporting a catch: any iPhone activated on an MVNO, such as Page Plus, must have first been activated on a postpaid Verizon account. How does that change things? It means you must do one of two things. First, you can buy it unsubsidized and then pay for a month of Verizon service before you take it to Page Plus. That’ll cost you $70 plus tax, and that does not include a text messaging plan. Second, you can buy it subsidized, pay for a month, and then pay a hefty early termination fee. Either way, while activating an iPhone on Page Plus is possible, it will not be cheap.