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PagePlus LTE Service Details


A couple of weeks ago, PagePlus made the exciting announcement that they would be getting LTE in October, but didn’t have too many details. Well, October is nearly here and as promised, PagePlus has released some more specifics on their LTE service and a few other changes that will effect everyone.

Probably the biggest announcement is that switching between a 4G phone and a 3G phone isn’t going to change your plan, account balance or activation date, as some rumors claimed. When you activate a phone on PagePlus, the service will detect whether you have a 3G or a 4G phone and assign you appropriately. There are no price increases for the 4G service, but you will not be able to perform an ESN swap between 3G and 4G devices.¬†Also, provided that customers wish to keep their plans the same, upgrading or downgrading a device between 3G and 4G will not change expiration date.

Several policy changes will be implemented along with the 4G service, and these changes will effect all new accounts. The first change is that all new activations/port-ins will require than a plan PIN be applied at the time of activation. You can no longer activate a number without purchasing service. New activations also will no longer receive complimentary $2 credit.

A solid launch date for the service is still, sadly, missing. However, as I find out more details, I’ll keep you updated.