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PagePlus LTE Now Available


Well, it’s finally here–as of last week, PagePlus finally has upgraded and now offers 4G LTE speeds to all customers. Their website hasn’t been updated, but after reading about it on Prepaid Phone News, I chatted with Jennifer from Page Plus and she confirmed that are officially offering the faster service to all customers on plans that cost $30 and up. 

To get in on this, unfortunately, you’ll have to locate a PagePlus dealer in your area, as PagePlus isn’t offering 4G SIMs or phones on their website. In fact, if you look through their site, nothing has been updated to indicate this new offering–presumably because they are still working out the kinks and such.

To find a PagePlus dealer near you, you can put your zipcode in on this page or do a quick Google search for dealers in your area. You can also purchase a 4G SIM card (either with a new activation or simply to upgrade your current plan) from any number of online retailers starting at around $5. You can activate, port or upgrade for free through PagePlus via their Live Chat or by calling 1-800-550-2436. This soft rollout started on Oct. 1 and there are only a limited number of 4G SIM cards available, so if you can’t get your hands on one be patient!

Since PagePlus runs on Verizon’s network, be sure to take a quick peek at Verizon’s Prepaid Coverage Map to get an idea if 4G will be available in your area before you go to all of that trouble. Note that PagePlus likely won’t have exactly the same map, but it should be similar.

Plans that will have 4G options include:

  • $29.95 – 1200 minutes, 3000 text, 500 MB
  • $39.95 – Unlimited minutes and text, 1 GB
  • $55 – Unlimited minutes and text, 3 GB
  • $69.95 – Unlimited minutes and text, 5 GB