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Page Plus to add unlimited text messaging plan

Like MetroPCS and Cricket, Page Plus Cellular is improving on its plans, rather than introducing completely new pricing tiers. Instead of lowering prices on certain plans, Cricket and Metro added more features to their current plans, giving customers more for the same amount of money. Page Plus first did this with their Unlimited Talk n Text plan, which originally provided 1,500 minutes plus 1,500 texts for $39.95 per month. Earlier this month they upgraded that to unlimited voice and text. For many, it wasn’t a big difference — do unlimited customers really use more than the 1,500 minutes and texts? In any case, they made another upgrade this week, this time for text messaging.

It wasn’t long ago that Page Plus added texting bundles, $10.95 for 2,000 messages, and $19.95 for 5,000. Again, 5,000 isn’t technically unlimited, but it’s more than your average user will go through in a month. For many it was just as good as unlimited, with a few outliers still going over the insane allotment. To fulfill that minority desire*, Page Plus has introduced an unlimited texting bundle for $19.95. For many, this will mean nothing, but because it’s at the same price point as the 5,000 message bundle, it won’t mean a downgrade for existing users.

* While it does fulfill the minority desire, this might also be a marketing ploy for Page Plus. With so many other services offering unlimited text messaging, it makes sense that they would follow suit, rather than putting a concrete number, no matter how large, on the plan.

This will go well with Page Plus’s pay-as-you-go offerings. Of course, if you get the unlimited Talk n Text option you won’t need this. But for those who talk more than they text, this might be one of the best deals in the business.