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Page Plus readying new handsets?

Browsing around Howard Forums on Wednesday, I found this thread, which claimed that Page Plus had a slew of new phones available on its website. Other users got a bit excited, but became deflated when they didn’t see the same thing on the website. I, too, was a bit disappointed. After we learned earlier in the week about Page Plus not activating brand new prepackaged Verizon prepaid phones, I thought Page Plus would benefit from offering some handsets of its own. But, when I checked the page, like so many others, I saw just the normal seven handsets. Thankfully, I checked back last night and found something a bit different.

It’s not much, but as you can see from this screenshot, something is afoot at Page Plus.

Those are all blank slots, six in total, followed by the usual seven handsets. This screen cap, combined with the report from another user of seeing something similar, makes it pretty clear that Page Plus plans to add a few handsets in the near future.

Of course, it could be an IT glitch and we could be getting excited over nothing. In any case, we’ll stay on top of this and try to get some more information.