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Page Plus plans get data upgrades

When Page Plus added their $55 unlimited Talk N Text plan, dubbed The 55, last November, they included 500GB of data. That was in contrast to their lower-priced Talk N Text option, which included just 20GB of data. Earlier this year Page Plus was offering double the data on The 55, up to 1GB, on what was then considered a limited-time promotion. Now, it appears, the change is permanent.

Customers can now sign up for The 55 and get that 1GB of data for the same monthly price. In addition, Page Plus also plans to increase the amount of data on its $39.95 Unlimited Talk N Text plan, to 100MB from 20MB. Essentially, then, The 55 customers are paying $15 more for 10 times more data than the original Unlimited Talk N Text plan. There was a bit more separation previously; The 55 users were getting 25 times more data than UTNT customers.

The changes to The 55 plan are official and available now. The changes to Unlimited Talk N Text are expected in the near future. You can check out the deals at Page Plus’s website.

Via Howard Forums.