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Page Plus lowers roaming rates

It would appear that for some prepaid wireless companies, lowering rates is an addictive habit. In November, Page Plus Cellular took the first step, lowering their ceiling rate to 10 cents per minute. They followed that up with improved international roaming rates, and finally, two weeks ago, lowered the prices of all their pay-as-you-go cards. Yesterday they made another announcement, this timecutting their domestic roaming rates in half. If there is a price war going on in the prepaid space, Page Plus is lying in the trenches, lobbing every grenade it has.

The roaming rates, which used to cost 59 cents per minute, now cost 29 cents per minute. Page Plus makes it a point to note that they do cover most of the United States, as they use the Verizon Wireless primary network. In a pst from last month, we examined the differences between Verizon’s prepaid and postpaid coverage and found that while postpaid isn’t covered quite as well, it still hits most major U.S. markets. Now the rates will be lower in those few uncovered markets.

It appears Page Plus is set in regards to pricing. They have one of the cheapest unlimited talk and text plans, at $40 per month, which also comes with a low level of data. They also have the lowest pay-as-you-go rates in the business, starting at 4 cents a minute, with cards lasting about four months before a required refill. Their roaming rates now come into a better range, which is even better because many prepaid carriers do not allow off-network roaming.

The only issue with Page Plus, it seems, is customer service. They’ve grown in popularity over the past year, and the added demand apparently overloaded their customer service capacity. If they can get that back up to pre-2009 levels, they’ll find many happy customers in the prepaid space.