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Page Plus lowers prices on pay-as-you-go plans

Last week, when Verizon added monthly prepaid plans to its lineup, we heard some speculation that they might soon give a better deal to their resellers. After all, when retail price falls the wholesale price could fall along with it. I’m not sure if one relates to the other, but yesterday Page Plus announced improved pay-as-you-go rates. Before their rates got as low as 6 cents per minute, already towards the bottom of the industry. Now their best rate is 4 cents per minute, easily the best among plans I’ve encountered.

Their new rates top out at 10 cents per minute, though that’s old news. They increased the minutes on their $10 card in November, from 83 to 100, creating the 10 cents per minute ceiling. They now have the 400 minute card for $25, 6.25 cents per minute; the 1,000 minute card for $50, 5 cents per minute; and the 2,000 minute card for $80, 4 cents per minute. All cards expire after 120 days.

The new cards are available now. You can find them at retail outlets or at PagePlus’s website.