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Page Plus introduces texting bundles, cheaper unlimited

Page Plus has made a number of improvements to its service offerings this year. Among the more prominent have been the addition of BREW content and the Talk n Text plans. Now we’ve got word about two new service enhancements. First is the introduction of text messaging bundles. For $10.95 per month subscribers can grab 2,000 text messages, and for $19.95 they can get 5,000. Unless you’re an insane texter, 5,000 should be more than enough. Perhaps the limit is there so Page Plus can avoid some of these monstrous text messagers who take advantage of unlimited plans.

It sounds like this is a monthly plan, where the messages renew every 30 days. One thing I had hoped when I saw the limits on the messages was that these would be stackable — i.e., that you could just outright buy 5,000 messages and have them last as long as you need. Alas, it sounds like they’re just a per-month thing, and that you’ll have to buy a new bundle once the 30 days is up. Overages, if there are any, will be billed at the normal SMS rate.

Additionally, according to this Howard Forums thread, Page Plus is working on a limited market test for a $1.99 per day unlimited plan. They currently have one for $2.49, but it could come down 50 cents nationwide soon. The test markets will be in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, California, and Texas. This is cheaper than a number of unlimited plans, but still not quite to the $50 of Boost/MetroPCS/Cricket/Virgin, but it’s something. No word on when it will go nationwide, but if you live in one of the current markets make sure to check out the deal at your Page Plus retailer.