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Page Plus expanding customer service staff

If you look at the user reviews of our pay as you go cell phone providers, you’ll see a common theme: poor customer service. There seems to be one exception, though. While Page Plus has its downsides, it gets more favorable customer service mentions than any other carrier. The service has gained in popularity lately, partly because of this, and partly because of the increasing attention they’ve been getting because of their cheap plans. User tobikay on Howard Forums complains that he’s not even able to get through to customer service, though. So what gives? It appears Page Plus is aware of the problem, and they will hire 100 more employees, mostly customer service reps, before the end of the year.

While hiring 100 wouldn’t be a big deal for a big carrier, it’s quite a leap for Page Plus, which currently only employs 145 people. These new hires will work from the company’s Springfield, Ohio headquarters.

The company does understand the strains it is putting on its existing customers. “I’ve got people waiting in the queue 90 deep right now,” says Joanna Crosser, human resources manager at Page Plus. The new employees will help get those lines to a manageable level.

If you live in the area, you can go to to check on new openings