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Page Plus Cellular adds BREW content

A few weeks ago I saw on Cell Guru that Page Plus was offering WAP access for $1.20 per megabyte. I couldn’t quite find it at the Page Plus website so I held off on posting it. Today a press release came across regarding Page Plus’s BREW availability. That will be coming over the summer. For those unfamiliar, BREW is a service which allows for a more interactive setting where users can download applications, games, and ringtones. Looks like the Page Plus review will be getting an overhaul soon.

You can check out the WAP information for Page Plus at their website. BREW will work with this interface to create a friendlier environment for those who are used to having cell phones with all the bells and whistles.

“Adding BREW content to our portfolio is part of our ongoing strategy to expand the services available to our customers,” said Abdul Yassine, president of Page Plus Cellular. “The BREW managed service allows us to quickly deploy a wide variety of content and provide our subscribers with a very intuitive shopping experience.”

Remember, you can bring your old Verizon phone to Page Plus for activation. They’ve also added a number of their own phones, including the Motorola RAZR.