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Page Plus announces unlimited plan for $39.95

We heard the rumblings of a new Page Plus plan about a month ago, and now it’s finally official. The company announced its Unlimited Talk n Text plan today, offering unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 20 megabytes of data for $39.95 per month. Who said there’s not going to be a price war? The offering from Page Plus comes in $5 cheaper than Straight Talk, which is $5 cheaper than Boost Unlimited.

Of course, the downgrades in price also have some downgrades in service. Straight Talk, for instance, caps Web usage at 30MB, while Boost allows for unlimited browsing. Page Plus brings down that cap to 20MB, though to say that the extra 10MB is worth $5 is a bit of a stretch. Straight Talk does allow unlimited directory assistance, which is a plus for them.

It seems like $40 is the new target price for unlimited services. Boost made it $50, but with Straight Talk lowering the bar to $45, and then MetroPCS and Cricket wireless improving their $40 offers, that might be the new competition point. Page Plus and Boost do have one major advantage over Leap and Metro: a nationwide network. That’s one thing that could push Page Plus over the top.