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Page Plus adds yearly plan option

One huge complaint among prepaid wireless users is that minutes are good for only so long before they expire. Most people feel that if they pay for the minutes it shouldn’t matter if they use them next week or next decade. They’re paid for, therefore they should be dispensed at the user’s disposal. But in reality the longest expiration period is a year. Page Plus has added a new plan that might make some people happy. The minutes don’t expire for a year.

For $80 customers can get 2,000 minutes that are good for a full year. This new plan should work for a number of different users. The first that comes to mind are emergency only users. It’s very tough to come in at $80 for a year, but this new Page Plus plan takes care of that. The 2,000 minutes are basically just a bonus.

Heavy talkers can benefit, too, because the rate is just 4 cents per minute. In other words, it might not matter that the minutes expire in a full year. Many Page Plus customers will go through those minutes in half the time, just because it provides the best rate among Page Plus’s refill cards.

The new rate card is available now. You can get it at retail locations or at Page Plus’s website, though I don’t see the card available there quite yet.