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Ohio Attorney General settles with Page Plus

If you’ll remember back to earlier this year, Page Plus was having a bit of trouble with its Unlimited Talk N Text plan. Some customers were using more than what the company considered an acceptable amount, and either had their accounts terminated or downgraded to a limited plan. I’m not sure how widespread the problem was, but a number of those affected made the issue well known. This morning I caught a story in a local Ohio paper that mentioned a settlement in the matter.

Apparently a number of Ohio residents filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office. The investigation found that:

Page Plus customer service representatives did not give consumers further details on how they had abused the plan and that many Page Plus advertisements failed to clearly disclose terms and conditions of the plan. When consumers were transferred to the standard pay-per-minute plan, their balances were transferred but they were not given refunds.

The result is a $200 settlement for eligible Page Plus customers. The article doesn’t identify the specific qualifications for eligibility, but those who think they were wronged should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by December 2, 2010. Customers who already filed a complaint need not do so again.