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New plans coming for Page Plus?

It seems that every time Page Plus offers new plans, we see it leaked on message boards first. That’s the case now, though I have seen one of these rumors elsewhere before today. That involves the Unlimited Talk n Text plan, which offers unlimited minutes and text messages, plus 20MB of data. It currently costs $44.95, but that will get a price cut to $39.95. This is actually more of a price return than a price cut: in April, 2010, Page Plus raised the price of Unlimited Talk N Text from $39.95 to $44.95. Things will be back to normal once these new plans go into effect.
What’s really interesting is the new plan from this rumor. If true, it would be unrivaled in the prepaid world.

This new rumored plan includes 250 minutes, 250 text messages, and 10MB of data for just $12 per month. It’s hard to find any service that costs only $12 per month. It might deliver a low level of service, but for light users this might become the best deal on the market — especially after many carriers have raised their per-minute rates. Even with the 10 cents a minute rate from Net10, you’d be paying well more than $12 for just the 250 minutes, never mind the text and data.
Again, this is just a rumor, but most Page Plus rumors do end up becoming reality. They inform dealers of their plans before launch, and dealers, it seems, have loose lips. The reported launch date for the new plans is December 20th. You’ll be able to get the plans on Page Plus’s website.
Via Howard Forums.