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Vodafone to Launch MVNO


Vodaphone, the United Kingdom based telecommunications company, announced on Monday that they intend to launch a MVNO venture using T-Mobile’s network. Vodafone America, the subsidiary of the companies that services the United States, Canada and Latin America, announced that the new MVNO will cater to Vodafone’s muntinational corprate (MNC) customer base–specifically those either based in the U.S. or who have a ‘strong presence’ in the country. A solid date for launch has not been announced, but the company stated it is aiming for a fall 2015 launch.

With the launch of this U.S. based MVNO, Vodafone customers in the UK will get better roaming services, and it will add the United States to their roster of around 40 countries in which Vodafone offers LTE roaming services. According to Vodafone’s website, they have nearly 360 million customers around the world, and 19 million in the UK alone.

Vodafone offers plans for both personal and business use, although it sounds like this newest MVNO will be mainly focused on business. Whenever I hear more information about it, I will be sure to share. For more information about Vodafone’s current offerings check out their website.