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Net10 “the clear leader in all areas of customer satisfaction”?

Every once in a while, you see something that looks like a press release, but really is some propaganda from the company itself or its PR firm. When I first saw a release titled Net 10 Phones Tip The Scales At Online Review Portals, I thought we’d be treated to some solid numbers. Instead, we got some generalizations, including that, as the title indicates, Net10 is “the clear leader in all areas of customer satisfaction.” I’m sorry, but that is not something I can agree with, given the volume of our Net10 customer reviews.

Our research indicates that a majority of consumer review sites show Net 10 prepaid as the clear leader in all areas of customer satisfaction, from pricing and equipment value to network reliability and tech support.

Apparently, Prepaid Reviews, the most comprehensive site for prepaid wireless information, is not included in this majority. Or else, because they didn’t say the words “customer service” in that sentence, it is not included in the qualification. Conversely, Net10, along with its parent company Tracfone, continually see the worst marks in customer service from our readers.

This isn’t to say that Net10 has poor service. I actually recommend them to many people, given their simple rate structure, which is relatively on par with the rest of the industry. However, to call their service the “clear leader” is a bit disingenuous (though satisfying its intention of promotion).