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Net10 reintroduces unlimited calling plan

If it feels like just yesterday that Net10 dropped their unlimited plan, you wouldn’t be so far off. While the plan phased out before we published an article on it, the plan stuck around until fairly recently. But, just as quickly as it disappeared, Net10 reintroduced it, this time at a lower price point. So, just when we thought we lost a competitor in the prepaid unlimited market, we actually gained a stronger carrier. Net10’s new unlimited plan closely resembles others on the market, and because of its GSM advantage, could put its parent company, America Movil, in a solid position.

Just like Boost Mobile, Net10’s unlimited plan includes unlimited voice, text, and Web for $50 per month. Like Straight Talk, it includes unlimited 411 calls. In addition to the basic $50 package, customers can buy additional minute packages. Not for standard minutes, of course, but for international calls and data purchases.

While Straight Talk is a CDMA service running on the Verizon network, Net10 unlimited is a GSM service. It probably runs on the AT&T network. This helps Tracfone cover most major markets. In markets that don’t offer Straight Talk, customers can now get similar service from Net10. It’s not quite as cheap — apparently Verizon had the better network leasing deal — but it’s comparable in service.

It looks like Net10 is currently limiting the offer to the Web, and allowing only three handsets: the LG 600G, the Samsung R401G, and the Motorola EM326g. They do picture these with fancy packaging, so perhaps a retail release is in the offing. As with their old plan, it doesn’t appear Net10 is publicizing this much. The only place I saw anything pointing to the website was on Howard Forums.

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