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Net10 introduces one- and two-year calling plans

It looks like Net10 is looking to redefine themselves as a prepaid brand. First, we saw that they introduced an unlimited calling plan, undercutting the competition in both cost, $80 per month, and features, as they included unlimited text messaging. Now we’re hearing, via the trusty Ian, that they’re introducing two new plans, both on a yearly basis.

The first is a one-year card, which provides 2,000 minutes for $200. For many, this will not make a difference. It is the same rate as Net10 normally charges, 10 cents per minute. Further, it might burden some customers, as many don’t want to pay the full yearly price up front. But it does help those who can’t be bothered to re-up every 60 days.

The other plan makes a bit more sense. It’s $400 for two years of service. However, you get 5,000 minutes here, so it knocks calls down to 8 cents per minute, and texts down to 4 cents. So not only are you getting a great per-minute rate, but you’re also getting a beyond stellar price for two years of cell phone service.

Yes, this seems like a step towards contract service. In some ways, it can be considered worse. Instead of agreeing to pay monthly and then paying an early termination fee to get out of your contract, with Net10 you’re paying it all up front. No way to get out of that.

In the end, it depends on your needs. Net10 is just providing the options.