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Net10 institutes 1.5GB cap for AT&T SIM cards

It appears we have a resolution to the SIM card fiasco that erupted at Tracfone brands Net10 and Straight Talk. To recap, last month the listing for AT&T SIM cards on both the Straight Talk and Net10 sites were removed, with no explanation. Speculation abounded, but no one got a firm answer. Over on Howard Forums, though, someone did come up with the right answer. It was just one forum poster, though, so it was prudent to not run with it. But he was right nonetheless: it turned out AT&T SIM users were hogging data.

Just before the AT&T SIM cards were removed from Straight Talk and Net10 websites, we saw an interview wherein a Straight Talk rep said there was no set data cap for iPhone users. Instead Straight Talk managed it on a floating basis. If someone used 500MB of data in a day, for instance, they got their data speeds throttled for the rest of the month. It was a precautionary measure aimed to stop slowdowns on a given day. Still, a hard cap seemed to make more sense.

Starting today, March 1, Net10 has instituted a hard cap of 1.5GB for all AT&T SIM customers. They’ve laid out this policy at, and are even offering to switch disgruntled customers to a T-Mobile SIM, which still offers “unlimited” data (presumably with the floating cap still in place).

It is unclear if Straight Talk will enforce the same policy, but it seems likely. [Update: Straight Talk will not be affected at this time.] At this time, AT&T SIM cards still do not appear on the Net10 website or the Straight Talk website.