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Net10 discontinues unlimited service

Before there was Straight Talk, there was the Net10 unlimited plan. Launched in July of 2008, it seemed like a great plan at the time. It offered unlimited calling, texting, data browsing, and 411 calls for $79.98 per month, which at the time undercut the competition. Postpaid carriers had just introduced $100 unlimited plans, and Virgin Mobile had unveiled one of its own, but none of them included any features other than voice. Net10 jumped ahead of the pack, albeit quietly, with their comprehensive offering. With Straight Talk taking off, however, it appears that America Movil, the parent company of Straight Talk, Net10, and Tracfone, sees no more use for Net10’s unlimited plan. It is officially dead.

A Howard Forums user alerted me to the development, though it came as no surprise. I’m not sure when the deal ended, even. Net10 made no announcement. They simply removed it from their site, and it took someone actively looking for it to determine that it is no longer available. So we officially bid it farewell. Many services, including Straight Talk, now offer similar features for much cheaper, so Net10’s unlimited plan was already out of date, anyway.

Still, it was an unlimited plan for the Net10 GSM markets. I wonder if the Straight Talk deal with Verizon precluded the Net10 unlimited plan, which ran on AT&T’s network.