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Differences between Straight Talk and Net 10

Straight Talk vs Net 10

Net 10 and Straight Talk are two of the leading prepaid cell phone providers. Both service providers offer distinct perks to customers. Learn about the main differences between the two before making a purchasing decision.


Straight Talk has more simple plans than Net 10, hands down. It offers only three different monthly plans, while Net 10 offers a total of eight. Straight Talk’s $30 a month plan is the most inexpensive. It offers 1,000 minutes, texts, and 30 MB of data. The $45 plan, also called the Unlimited Plan, offers unlimited minutes, texts, and data usage. For $60, customers can purchase the Unlimited International Plan, which provides unlimited international calls and texts, as well as unlimited data.

Net 10 on the other hand offers a plan for as low as $20 for 200 minutes and 400 texts, a $30 plan for 300 minutes and 600 texts, and a $45 plan for 600 minutes and 1,200 texts. It also offers 900 minutes and 1,800 texts for $60, and 1,500 minutes and 3,000 texts for $1,000. For these plans, unused minutes do roll over to the next month. Straight Talk does not allow roll-over minutes.


In terms of price, Net 10 is slightly more expensive, if you want a month to month plan. Its monthly plans cost $25 for 750 texts or minutes, $50 for unlimited minutes and texts, and $65 for unlimited international minutes and texts. These plans cost more than Straight Talk.

Both Straight Talk and Net 10 offer quality service from Verizon and AT&T, respectively. Straight Talk refill cards are only available at Walmart, while Net 10 cards can be found virtually everywhere. Before selecting a service provider to pursue, carefully weight the pros and cons to avoid making the wrong decision.