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Voyager Mobile advertises big, but launch delayed

Yesterday I read something about Voyager Mobile, a new MVNO of the Sprint network. With few MVNO launches every one seems to be something of an event. Yet Voyager seemed to be onto something. They advertised two plans: unlimited talk and text for $19 per month, and unlimited talk, text, and data for $39 per month. Even better, they planned to sell high-end Sprint Android devices, including 4G devices that use WiMax. They had planned to launch this morning at, and I was excited to see ho they laid everything out. Unfortunately, the launch did not happen, and it’s starting to sound fishy.

The note on Voyager’s site reads: “During its Tuesday, May 15 launch, Voyager Mobile experienced a malicious attack to its primary website: Due to the network outage, Voyager Mobile is postponing its launch to a time and date in the very near future. Our goal of low cost wireless service for all will not be undermined and we strive to continue the voyage for a better wireless world.”

It seems noble enough. They might have even elicited some sympathy due to the attacks. But call me a skeptic on this one. It seems highly unlikely that they could offer service, even unlimited talk and text without data, for $19 per month. That’s just so far below the rest of the industry right now. The $39 plan seems even more out of line, especially given the presence of WiMax.

Remember Zer01 Mobile? Three years ago they were the talk of the wireless industry, scoring an award from Laptop Magazine for best in show at CTIA 2009. Their service, unlimited everything, including data, for $70 per month, was pretty below the industry norm at the time. Things started to seem fishy when their service didn’t launch on schedule. A few weeks later we started to hear some disturbing details, and finally the whole operation crumbled.

I’m not saying that Voyager is traveling the same path. But given the history with Zer01 and its then-outrageous claim of unlimited prepaid talk, text, and data for $70 (and the still-outrageous 5G claim), I’m going to approach Voyager with caution. Here’s to hoping all is well and that they really did only suffer an attack this morning. But history makes me a skeptic when it comes to deals that are too good to be true.