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TracFone to Launch Total Wireless


TracFone Wireless has quietly launched the website for a new Verizon-based MVNO this week. Called Total Wireless, this Verizon MVNO has some pretty sweet data sharing plans that are obviously meant to compete with Virgin Mobile’s “Data Done Right” plans which debuted earlier this month.

Total Wireless is expected to be available at select Walmart stores nationwide, and Phone News says that the full fanfare launch is expected sometime in the next couple of weeks. However, from what I can tell, the website is almost fully functional and a soft launch should happen soon.

As far as plans go, here’s what you can expect from the newest America Movil brand:

Individual Plans

  • $25/month – Unlimited talk, text
  • $35/month – Unlimited talk, text, 2.5 GB of data

Shared Plans

  • $60/month – two devices; Unlimited talk, text, 5 GB shared data
  • $85/month – three devices; Unlimited talk, text, 9 GB shared data
  • $110/month – four devices; Unlimited talk, text, 12 GB shared data

Total Wireless also offers mobile hotspots along with a $10 shared data plan that will give you 1.5 GB of data. The data add-on doesn’t expire as long as you have an active service, although I’m not sure whether the data will roll over month-to-month or not.

Unfortunately, Total Wireless has a very small phone lineup including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon, ZTE Savvy Z750 and the Motorola Moto E. In better news, customers should be able to activate their own devices and since Verizon has notoriously lax locking policies, hopefully it won’t be plagued with the same issues that Sprint MVNOs are facing right now.

As a note, the service will NOT support 4G speeds at launch, which might be a deal breaker for some people as several other prepaid brands have introduced 4G including Page Plus. However, as Page Plus is also owned by TracFone, I am hopeful that Total Wireless will upgrade eventually to support 4G LTE as well.

For more information and plans, services and products you can take a peek at the website.