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Simple Mobile improves its unlimited plans

Nothing wrong with another unlimited services MVNO, right? In November we were introduced to Simple Mobile, a GSM MVNO that appears to run on the T-Mobile network. The company offered two tiers of unlimited services, $40 for unlimited talk and $50 for messaging and data, plus add-ons for additional data and international calling. Those rates are in line with the higher end of the industry, but a number of regional carriers, plus some CDMA MVNOs, undercut those prices. This week, via FierceWireless, we learn that they have improved their offerings.

The $40 plan now covers unlimited voice and messaging, the $50 plan adds 50MB of data, and the $60 plan triples that data rate and routes it through T-Mobile’s 3G network. The 3G data bit is certainly a plus, though the 150MB seems a bit inadequate. So it’s a step.

The difference between Simple Mobile and other MVNOs is that they try to stay out of the handset market. They encourage customers to bring their unlocked GSM phones, which is good for unlocked phone merchants. For customers who want to purchase a new handset, they have the Alcatel Tribe, a QWERTY phone, available for $129.99.

You can check out Simple Mobile at