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New plans from Simple Mobile

When the big companies change their plans, it makes sense that the smaller ones follow. Last month we saw T-Mobile add a few plan, including a $50 unlimited plan. We saw a few other companies tweak their plans after that, the latest of which is Simple Mobile, which is an MVNO of the T-Mobile network. They have announced a new set of unlimited plans. As is the fashion, they’re tiering the plans, so customers can get a good base prices for the essentials, with options to add on for services like data.

The base plan is $40, which includes unlimited talk and text. This seems to be the baseline for MVNOs. While we probably won’t see the major carriers or their direct subsidiaries go this low in price, sometimes we can see MVNOs experiment with this type of pricing. Plenty of people can get by with no data services, and if that’s the case this plan could work out very well.

The next tier is $50. It adds 100MB of data, which doesn’t seem like much. For another $10 customers can upgrade that to unlimited data. Remember, Simple Mobile allows you to take unlocked GSM handsets to their service, so you can use this with a data-intensive smartphone. That raises the biggest question about the new plans. What kind of actual limits will we see?

As other MVNOs have demonstrated, unlimited doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited. At what level will Simple Mobile cap voice minutes for those on the $40 plan? At what level of data consumption will they cut off customers using smartphones? We won’t know until customers start getting kicked off. If those limits are fairly high, Simple Mobile might make a splash with these new service plans.

Via Phone Scoop.