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New MVNO Simple Mobile offers unlimited plans

The competition among prepaid carriers has increased sharply in 2009. Before, there were only a few companies offering flat-rate, unlimited services. But since Boost Mobile introduced its $50 unlimited talk, text, and Web plan, a number of prepaid companies have switched to a similar offering. We’ve even seen a number of new carriers pop up with a similar offer. The latest, as we learned yesterday, is Simple Mobile. It’s an MVNO, and judging by the coverage map, it operates on the T-Mobile network. This is a rarity — I can’t recall any other MVNOs using T-Mobile.

Simple Mobile offers unlimited plans on three simple tiers. First is unlimited talk, which costs $40 per month. Adding text messaging, both domestic and international, is another $5. Finally, for those using data-heavy devices, the $50 plan adds 20MB Web, IM, MMS, email, and social networking. Customers can also add unlimited international long distance for $10 per month, and for $5 can add another 20MB of data.

One advantage of Simple Mobile is that it allows customers to activate their own approved GSM handsets. They keep a list of approved devices, which features many advanced models. The only drawback is that the customer must unlock the phone. This is in contrast to some CDMA carriers, which will flash the phone on the spot. Simple Mobile also has six phones of its own: The Alcaltel Tribe OT-800, the Alcatel OT-363, the Alcatel OT-303, the Nokia 6030, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, and the Motorola RAZR. Those appear on the website, but there is no purchasing method at the moment.

For more information on the availability of Simple Mobile, check out their website.