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i wireless adds to the $50 unlimited crew

Remember last week, when I asked if there was room for another unlimited MVNO? Apparently, the answer is yes. i wireless, an MVNO of the T-Mobile network, has just introduced a new unlimited talk, text, and web plan for $50. That seems to be the target price range for these MVNOs. The company, which acts as a T-Mobile affiliate in Iowa, sells its MVNO plans to a nationwide audience on its website. Perhaps they can conjure some interest in their newest offering.’s Christopher Price, from whom I found the information on i wireless, thinks that this renders plans from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile “a bit less breakthrough.” Yet we’ve seen a number of carriers offer $50 unlimited plans, but, because they don’t have nearly the reach of the established brands, have never really taken off.

The offering actually seems similar to that of Simple Mobile, which, like i wireless, allows the use of unlocked AWS phones on its network. That’s the main draw here. Customers looking for a big brand name will still go for Boost or Virgin, because they’re most recognizable. People wanting the best overall coverage will go with Straight Talk because it runs on the Verizon network, which provides more nationwide coverage than T-Mobile or Sprint.

I’m not sure this changes anything, other than adding yet another unlimited provider to an increasingly saturated market. Some of these MVNOs will survive. Perhaps the affiliate status of i wireless will help it succeed where others have failed. After all, even if their own MVNO sales don’t spike they still have the reselling business. As far as a game-changer, though, this is hardly one. That is, unless they home in on the one area where other wireless carriers are deficient: customer service.

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