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GoSmart, Brightspot Cut Prices, Add Data

If you’re a GoSmart or Brightspot user, you might have noticed faster uploads and better speeds. As of last month, both brands received a tweak in their available plans and data speeds. GoSmart now offers 3G downloads to customers–a marked improvement over the achingly slow 2G connection offered previously, while Brightspot has slashed their prices and changed around their data options to match Walmart prepaid plans. Here’s a breakdown of the new plans available for each MVNO:


  • $25/month: Unlimited talk and text
  • $35/month: Unlimited talk, text and up to 500 MB at 3G speeds before throttling down to 2G speeds. (Previously, the $35 plan limited users to 2G speeds. With the new plan, the first 500 MB of data will be at 3G speeds.)
  • $40/month: Unlimited talk, text and up to 3 GB at 3G speeds before throttling. (This plan has been reduced from $45.)


  • $30/month: Unlimited talk and text
  • $35/month: 300 voice minutes, unlimited text, 3GB data at 4G
  • $45/month: Unlimited talk, text and 1 GB data at 4G  (this plan was originally $50)
  • $55/month: Unlimited talk, text, 3GB data at 4G (previously this plan was $65 and included 4GB)

Both companies are owned and operate on the T-Mobile network, but are separate from T-Mobile’s other prepaid companies. Customers may BYOD to both GoSmart and Brightspot, with some restrictions. Check their websites for more information and restrictions.

*All GoSmart plans include unlimited access to Facebook and the Facebook Messaging App.
**Brightspot plans do not include taxes and fees in the monthly amount, and are only available at Target.