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Battle Smartphone Addiction with an App

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Ok, so I know it sounds pretty freaking ridiculous. How do you stop using a smartphone by downloading yet another app to your smartphone? Heck, I’ll admit I only even started looking into the app because I thought it was going to be something stupid that I could write a humorous article about.

But, I was totally wrong. I want this app, and you will too.

Introducing Moment, an iPhone app that was released last summer by Kevin Holesh. The app is extremely simple and rather ingenious: in short, it’s designed to help you take back your time and put the phone down. With the rising levels of smartphone addiction amongst teens and kids, I personally think this is something that everyone ought to have.

“My goal was to find a balance of connected and disconnected that was right for me. I hope [users] find that balance too,” Holesh said.

Moment is designed to track how many minutes a day you use your smartphone. Once you see what your normal usage is, you can choose to set yourself a time limit per day. If you exceed that limit, Moment will notify you with a series of annoying notifications that remind you to put the phone down and enjoy your day.

Alternatively, you can tell the app to shut the phone down once you have reached your daily limit. The app will give a minute’s warning and then force the phone to shut off and force you to look up from that tiny glowing box, even just for a moment.

You can download the app for iPhones here. An Android version is, unfortunately, not available at the present, but one is reportedly in the works. There is an alternative version of the iPhone app designed for parents to track their family’s smartphone usage as well.

For more information on the app, visit Moment’s website.